Schumacher SE-520MA 10 or 2 Amp Fully Automatic Dual-Rate Charger with LEDs

Schumacher SE-520MA 10/2 Amp Fully Automatic Dual-Rate Charger with LEDs

This temperate 12v charger can be utilized 2 ways: Manual or completely programmed. No Cheating stresses when incompletely programmed mode.

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  • 10 amp quick charge for ordinary charging needs
  • 2 amp stream charge charges a little 12v battery in 2 – 12 hours
  • Pick between programmed charging and manual modes
  • Driven’s show when battery is completely charged
  • The rugged metal case with top conveying handle weighs around 10 lbs. and accompanies a 2-year restricted guarantee
  • This item can’t be dispatched to Oregon or California
  • Not good with the WM-12 or EC-25 snappy interface links