Car Jump Starter RAVPower 1000A Peak Current Quick Charge 3.0 12V

Car Jump Starter RAVPower 1000A Peak Current Quick Charge 3.0 12V, Power Bank with 2.4A – Car Battery Booster

Works with all the gasoline engines in 12V

The RAVPower 1000A car jump starter can kick start all gasoline & diesel engines up to 7L with a 12V battery up to twenty times with only 1 charge. This takes most cars behind to life & is the easiest and safest way feasible to jump-start a car.

Extra-Protection With built-in Intelligent Protector

New, the wires of the smart clips/clamps can be displaced, while that was not reasonable for previous models. That allows for more protection against low voltage, short circuit, deep discharge & false polarity. Additionally, the car jumper arrives with a built-in shield to prevent heat on the clips/clamps which can produce melting & explosion.

Massive 14000mah Capacity with Micro Input

3 charging options: Wall charger, Car charger or any Best power bank. With the combined DC5V/2.1A AC charger, it can be completely recharged in 5.5 hrs. Due to the 14000mAh capacity, it is capable to charge an iPhone 7 up to five times, the iPad mini 1.5 times & your Nexus phone three times.

Quick Charge 3.0 + iSmart Technology

Charge up to three devices together thanks to the three USB ports. The Quick Charge 3.0 port provides for a 75 percent faster-charging rate, while the two iSmart ports support maximum charging current of up to 2.4A each.

How to Use

When attached to your car battery, hold the Boost Button. When the LED turns green, the car battery is restored & can be started regularly. If the LED is red, make assured the polarities are attached correctly & that the left battery of the car jumper is at least 20 percent. The battery level symbol tells you of the left battery.

What’s in the Box

• 1x RAVPower Car Jump Starter (RP-PB063)
• 1x Wall Charger with DC5V/2.1A
• 1x Jumper Cable
• 1x User Guide
• 1x USB Charging Cable (Short)
• 1x USB Charging Cable (Long)

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1000A Works Including All 12V Gasoline Car Motors: The peak current of 1000A kick originates all gasoline & diesel engines up to 7L by a 12V battery, over twenty-times on 1 charge

Extra-Safe with Built-in Original Protector: The original protector is built in the best battery pack while with different brands it is grown in the clips; this protects from heat on the clips which can cause explosion or melt

Massive 14000mAh Capacity with Micro Input: Charge the best car jumper via car charger, wall charger or also another power bank; reload the car jumper in just 5.5 hrs with the DC5V/2.1A AC charger; fill your iPhone 7 up to five, the iPad mini 1.5 & the Nexus phone three times

Quick Charge 3.0 + iSmart Technology: The Quick Charge 3.0 technology charges your smart with a 75 percent faster-charging speed & the 2 iSmart USB ports carry a maximum flow of up to 2.4A every

Boost Button and Status Light: If the sign of the light is green, you can jump-start your car; if it is red, you require to verify the link of the clamps & polarities and get sure the battery level is over 20 percent