Aickar 800A Peak 19800mAh Car Jump Starter Portable Car Battery Jump Starter, Power Bank

Aickar 800A Peak 19800mAh Car Jump Starter Portable Car Battery Jump Starter, Power Bank, Built-in LED Flashlight with Car Jumper Cables Heavy Duty – 2018

An Unquestionable requirement Have Gadget in Everybody’s Auto!

What could Aickar 800A hop starter improve the situation us?

Kicks off a wide scope of automobiles including for all intents and purposes All gas (or up to 4.5L diesel) motors for 12V trucks, bikes, autos, vessels and more.

+ Charges all USB powered gadget, for example, the cell phone, Workstation, tablet, GPS, Fuel and more.

+ Worked in Drove spotlight is an or more in the night, including SOS and crisis strobe.

Points of interest:

Aickar auto bounce starter includes a 800 amp of pinnacle current and 198000mAh of high battery limit is skilled to kicks off essentially ANY 12V fuel motors and up to 4.5L diesel vehicles. It additionally goes about as the versatile power bank to charge entire your USB gadgets, 12V electronic gadgets, 12V and 19V workstations. This is powerful yet little to store in the keen glove box, take it with you and kick off your dead battery now in seconds!


[Jumper link overwhelming duty] – Utilizations 8AWG UL1015 wire which is more secure and thicker.

[Quick Clamps] – includes more remote than only a solitary clasp, however by cutting edge security, innovation to perform it absolutely secure for everybody to utilize.

[Smart Ports] – Best USB output 5V/1A, USB output 5V/2A, 19V/3.5A PC charging port, 12V/10A workstation charging port, private jumper link connector.


Mercifully energize your best compact jumpers no less than one of every a month, so that on the off chance that you do require it, it’s ready to go.


Limit: 19800mAh

Begin Current: 400A

Pinnacle Current: 800A

Output: 5V/1A,5V/2A,12V/10A,19V/3.5A

Input: 15V/1A

Full charging time: 6 hours

Working temperature: – 4℉~140℉


1 x Hop starter

1 x Jumper links

1 x air conditioning connector

1 x Auto charger

1 x USB link

1 x Cigarette lighter connector

1 x 1 of every 8 Workstation link

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[Aickar: An Emergency Life Saver] As 1 of the most strong jump starters on the business, this best portable car jump starter jump starts ALL gas or up to 4.5L diesel engines up to thirty times on a particular charge by 800A peak current & heavy duty jumper cables.

[A Great Power Station] That is not really a portable jump starter just a jump starter powerpack! Among 19800mah of battery capacity, it can give sufficient energy to charge your tablets, laptops, smartphones, Kindle & more.

[Advanced Protection Technology] The quick jumper clamp features also than five advanced protection technology including reverse polarity shield, over-current stability, overload security, over-voltage shield, over-charge shield, making it completely safe for everyone to use.

[Other User-friendly Features] Here is a compact, still powerful 800 amp portable jump box that has the highest battery capacity of the store. It is ultra-simple to store or take it anywhere with you. We will definitely consider more secure including this auto battery jump starter in your car.

[An Excellent Gift Choice]: This best car battery charger jump starter & all of its accessories including the best car battery jumper cables are properly packed in a fine sturdy, strong jump pack zipper case. It can be an excellent gift choice for everyone who drives.