10000mAh Vproof Battery Charger for Amazon 2nd Generation Echo Dot

10000mAh Vproof Battery Charger for Amazon 2nd Generation Echo Dot 10-Hour Working Time

Echo Spot Battery Base – Vproof 10000mAh Portable External Battery, Best Charging Battery Base for 2nd Time Echo Dab.


Easy to Use: 

Evacuate the unmistakable protective layer to relate the battery base to you Echo Spot – Positively press the two contraptions together for 30 seconds- – Interface the battery to your Echo Speck 2 with the connection.

Propelled Components:

(1)Allows you to move your Echo Speck to various domains effectively and without barging in on any of your days appreciate.

(2)Larger Battery Farthest point of 10000mAh, which could support you use your echo for around 10 hours and 20 hours standby.

(3) With the additional Portable USB charging outlet, you could fill or charge your telephone and another gadget when echo is filling or charging.


Outline: K12 battery

Capacity of the charger: 10000mAh

Electrical Rating: Input 5Volt 2A, Output 5Volt 2A

Working Temperature: 0-35℃

Execution Time: Ten Hours

Standby Period: 30 Hours

Li-particle: 3.7Volt 10Ah 37Wh

Item Amount: Φ82*58mm

Item Mass: 255g

Takes note:

  1. The battery base could charge diverse contraptions for 5V2A while charging echo spot.
  2. We recommend the battery base is used when echo speck 2 is moved. On the off chance that it’s not all that much inconvenience install the main echo spot 2 connection and divider charger for base charging in rest time which couldn’t simply keep totally charged the battery yet also could move the battery without charging join for next using.

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★Extra-long Battery Life.- – 10000mAh high limit outer battery keeps you resound dab ceaselessly work for around 10 hours, and 30 hours standby time. Furthermore, with the on-off power catch, you could turn it off to maintain a strategic distance from power misfortune when no need.

★Power Bank Capacity.- – With 5V/2.0A yield, the battery base additionally goes about as a power bank. On the off chance that important, you can even take the portable battery base outside to charge your mobile phone or tablet while appreciating music from your Resound.

★Smart & Quick Battery Filling or Charging.- – Contrasted and conventional ones, the wise battery administration framework for the battery base makes it effectively and safely to shield the Reverberate Spot 2 battery from harm when longtime charging.

★4 Level LED Pointer.- – This battery base has 4 LED marker lights which will carefully tell you how much power is charged or left, so you could charge it in time.(0%-25%-half 75%-100%)

★100% Client Guarantee.- – it is focused on 100% fulfillment of our clients, any issue with the item, kindly don’t dither and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.