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The question that a number of the users that visit our blog have is what is an AGM battery? Believe me, this article has been floating throughout much & it is a phrase you’re going to hold to get done so if you are an avid motor or boating booster because the maximum of the top-notch AGM batteries & chargers is organized under this part.

Introduction to AGM Battery – Deep Cycle Battery

What is an AGM Battery? The 1st AGM BATTERY was patented by Gates Rubber Corporation of the USA in 1972, however, this is a little grey as Yuasa Battery Corporation of Japan had prior art and experience with glass fiber separators. Despite this, the first VRLA AGM batteries were used on a large scale with BT (British Telecom) and the battery was greatly refined working with BT for UPS use.


For automotive use, VRLA BATTERY, AGM batteries were first put into production in Brisbane, Australia and had early success. Price was always a challenge and vehicles in the late 80’s didn’t require the benefits seen with using VRLA AGM batteries. From the mid-2000’s onwards would see a resurgence as cars had the greater accessory load, costs came down and the birth of stop-start vehicles had begun.




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AGM batteries today are used not only for automotive applications but also deep cycle. The benefits of glass separators with durability, lighter weight, improved service life, lower internal resistance, superior starting power and improved cycling performance over traditional flooded batteries means they have reached mainstream use with car manufacturers and as replacement batteries.

AGM batteries are not suitable for every environment or application when your application requires:


Times, when AGM batteries may not be practical, is when the battery will be used in extreme heat and when cost is a factor. To a lesser degree when the battery may be subjected to overcharging, AGM batteries are more sensitive to overcharging compared with flooded lead acid or gel batteries.

What is an AGM Battery?

What is an AGM Battery - Deep Cycle Battery
What is an AGM Battery – Deep Cycle Battery

What is an AGM Battery? The word AGM Battery stands for Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. Sounds like some tough lingo but in general, it really isn’t. These AGM DEEP CYCLE batteries are built in such a way that there is small ultra-fine fiberglass mat tightly compacted in the center of plates that are absolutely saturated with DEEP CYCLE battery acid. The mat is the backed with plates & soldered into position after being pressed. Due to the extremely tight compression of the plates, AGM batteries do to have no wave at all.

There are a group of AGM battery reviews from there but the 1st thing we got make for a curious hardware enthusiast like you is to describe to you what is an AGM Battery technology causes for your future shopping & projects.


The idea of the AGM battery starts way back from 1980 & was finally sold out to the society in 1958 to help military aircraft where tonnes of power was required. Fast forwards thirty or so years & manufacturers are immediately producing AGM DEEP CYCLE batteries for industrial non-military use.

It is more important to remember that when 1 says AGM battery it doesn’t mean that the AGM battery is DEEP CYCLE BATTERY. Tons of AGM batteries for sale on the store claim to be AGM DEEP CYCLE BATTERY but badly, the 2 terms get married up like while if they intend the same thing. Like for example our household brand of Optima Battery/Batteries. Some of their batteries are DEEP CYCLE MARINE BATTERY while others are not. Deep cycle applies to how thick the plate of the AGM batteries is not whether it is AGM or gel.


The newer kind of sealed maintenance free device regulated battery uses “Absorbed Glass Mats”, or AGM separators in the plates. That is a really fine fiber boron-silicate glass mat. This kind of AGM batteries have whole the advantages of gelled still can take the much extra battery. These are also described “starved electrolyte”. Really like the Gel batteries, the AGM Battery will not leak acid if broken.

What does an AGM mean and what is an AGM Battery?

What does an AGM mean and what is an AGM Battery
What does an AGM mean and what is an AGM Battery

1 of the most commonly asked questions we hear relates to what “AGM” means on battery chargers and what is an AGM Battery. The short explanation is that AGM stands for “Absorbed Glass Mat,” which is a particular type of lead-acid battery. OPTIMA Batteries are supposed SPIRALCELL AGM batteries. But, that doesn’t indicate the AGM setting on a BEST AGM BATTERY CHARGER is necessarily the right setting to use on Best OPTIMA batteries or extra batteries.


The difficulty is that many chargers, like the 1 pictured above, lump in their AGM setting by “deep-cycle Battery” & “gel battery” settings, which can be a difficulty. Gel batteries are not the equal as AGM batteries & actually have very complex charging conditions. As a result, AGM BATTERY CHARGER that accurately charges gel batteries may not totally-charge non-gel batteries (including AGM batteries) & could break them up time.

So what do you do if you hold an AGM BATTERY CHARGER with a setting same the 1 shown above & you require to charge an OPTIMA or other AGM battery? Simply use the different setting, which is usually labeled as “Regular” or “Starting” battery. If you’re in the store for a BATTERY CHARGER & you’re trying to decide out which 1 you’re the best choice is, we can assist you in getting that choice.


The BEST AGM BATTERY CHARGERS are microprocessor-controlled & will have particular settings for AGM batteries. Following several years of fielding topics about which AGM chargers worked great on OPTIMA batteries (maximum will do quite fine, as hard as you do not use several settings that mention “gel” batteries), we developed out with our personal line of AGM battery chargers & BEST BATTERY MAINTAINERS. These units are specially designed to charge & maintain 12-volt OPTIMA batteries, as great as any other 12-volt AGM batteries & regular lead-acid batteries. All are fully automatic & have 1-touch technology that uses the guesswork out of charging your AGM battery & keeping it well maintained. Great of all, if you purchase a Digital 1200 charger from the USA and buy an OPTIMA battery meantime, we’ll increase your guarantee coverage by an extra year!

AGM vs. Gel Cell Batteries – What is an AGM Battery

AGM vs. GEL Cell Batteries - What is an AGM Battery
AGM vs. GEL Cell Batteries – What is an AGM Battery

AGM (absorbed glass mat) is a unique design glass mat created to wick the best battery electrolyte within the battery plates. Best AGM batteries include only sufficient liquid to have the mat wet by the electrolyte & if the AGM battery is disclosed no free liquid is prepared to flow out.


Gel Cell batteries include a silica standard gel that the battery electrolyte is dissolved in, this heavy paste-like material enables electrons to flow among plates still will not flow from the best battery if the state is broken.

More frequently than not AGM Batteries are wrongly known as Gel Cell Batteries. Both batteries have related traits; like as being nonspillable, deep cycle battery, may be attached in any condition, low self-discharge, reliable for use in poor ventilation areas, & may be transported through Air or Ground securely without special handling.


Best AGM Batteries exceed Gel Cell by at least a hundred to one. AGM is favored when a high round of amps possibly required. In maximum cases, recharge can be achieved by using a reliable quality standard AGM battery charger or engine alternator. The time expectancy; measured as cycle life or years continues excellent in maximum AGM batteries when the batteries are not discharged more than 60 percent between recharge. There are any AGM batteries I sell that offer great 80%+ deep cycle battery abilities.

Gel Cell Batteries are generally a little more expensive & do not give the equivalent power capacity while doing the same dynamic size AGM battery. The Gel Cell Battery exceeds in moderate discharge rates & slightly higher ambient working temperatures. 1 big issue by Gel Batteries that requirement is discussed is the GEL CHARGE PROFILE. Gel Cell Batteries need be recharged perfectly or the best battery will experience premature failure. The AGM BATTERY CHARGER is utilized to recharge the battery(s) need be created or flexible for Gel Cell Batteries. When you are working an alternator to recharge a real Gel Cell a specific regulator need be installed.

Is that AGM Battery are Deep Cycle or Not?

An important question about AGM – Simply because a battery is AGM does NOT give it a DEEP CYCLE BATTERY. Several organizations, like as Optima, have used AGM for starting batteries & other non-deep cycle purposes. Those still have the benefits of AGM but are not deep cycle. It is essentially plate thickness that performs a DEEP CYCLE BATTERY, not whether it is gelled, flooded or AGM.


The Concorde SunXtender batteries are basically the same type as the Concorde Lifeline, Chairman, & other Concorde AGM batteries. The main difference is that the Sun-Extender batteries should bolt-on ends instead of the standard post type. We believe that bolt on ends gives a much further reliable connection. I don’t stock the Concorde “Chairman” (designed largely for wheelchairs) batteries or the “LifeLine” (marine & RV) batteries, through our supplier has them in stock. We can first order almost some Concorde battery.

What is an AGM battery- Conclusion?

1 of the largest determining factors we used when turning over to AGM batteries was the life cycle. You must understand that in comparison to other kinds of batteries AGM batteries are way further proficient in phases of life cycle & power. When it gets down to boating, motorsports, & the likes you require having a battery that is reliable & not moving to dismiss you at crucial moments. In the conclusion, if you hold the budget for an AGM battery I definitely recommend switching over considering, in the deep run, you will be saving much more money due to life cycle and power. On the last note, it is also necessary to note that optima AGM batteries should no maintenance costs or fees so that best there is an extra success for you!


I hope this article helped you understand much more in-depth in regards to what is an AGM battery, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below. Have a great day!

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