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What is a BATTERY TENDER? Many people say that if you have a vehicle it is a must that you also buy a BATTERY TENDER. What is a BATTERY TENDER, this is a most important question before buying a BATTERY TENDER TRICKLE CHARGER. But what are these electronics really used for? What specifications will be best for your vehicles? Is it true that Battery chargers and Battery maintainers are not the same? If so how make they differ? These are just a few questions that need to be answered before buying these electronics.

What is a Battery Tender?

What is a Battery Tender
What is a Battery Tender

Before going into the details, let us first know what is a BATTERY TENDER. It is a charging gadget that plugs into a conventional AC outlet & ‘effectively’ charges your best vehicle’s battery. It carries power in the sort of amps to a 12-volt battery tender while maintaining a secure level of charge.

Over today a car battery tender will slowly drop its internal charge & so they are required if you have own vehicles that are gone inactive for extended periods, particularly as winter months while low temperatures result in a higher dramatic discharge. The important clue, though, is the title; it will ‘tend’ to your car battery while you are away, providing it the electrical TLC it requires to stay safe, operational and completely efficient.




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What is Battery Tender For?

What is Battery Tender For
What is Battery Tender For

If you have been driving for quite a while, you might have experienced your car batteries getting drained. What causes this can be pointed to several reasons like; accidentally leaving your lights turned on, the vehicle left stagnant for quite some time and cold to the freezing environment. If you have to deal with this, most people will try to jump-start the car using TRICKLE CHARGERS or another vehicle for that matter. For the last resort, an expensive route is suggested; which is buying a fresh BATTERY TENDER for your vehicle. Fortunately, the technology of using Car battery tenders perform this task simple, plug & charge before preparing to head out on the highway. If you are wondering if this is just used to charge batteries, like another BATTERY TRICKLE CHARGER well this product can do much more; like charge and automatically shift to maintenance form after charging.

Specifications for Battery Tenders and Battery Maintainers

What type is the classic for your type of vehicle? This is probably one the most basic questions before buying these electronics. It is true that a vehicle’s battery has the specific TRICKLE CHARGER and maintenance needs. With this, you can see specific models for motorcycles, automotive, recreational, marine, and industrial vehicles.


  • For MOTORCYCLES BATTERY CHARGER and maintenance for battery start from 6V to 12V. There are options for waterproof tenders. There are also types that have 2, 4, 5 and TEN BATTERY TRICKLE CHARGERS if you need to charge more than 1 batteries. Most of these are also provided with a technology that allows batteries to be charged safely with the use of smart circuit board technology.
  • For automotive, the voltage also starts from 6V to 12V. These products are also capable of being charged everywhere in the world with its international standards. Batteries for automobiles are mostly AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat); but, there are also types that can work with GEL batteries. GEL batteries are usually used in luxury brands such as BMW.
automotive battery charger
Automotive battery charger
  • For industrial, recreational & marine vehicles, waterproof chargers are simple. Modular MARINE BATTERY CHARGERS are water & shock resistant. There are more heavy duty battery tenders for better-charging capability.


With the forums & customer reviews of granted sites, battery tender equalizes a 4.9-star rating. This BATTERY TRICKLE CHARGER works at a standard to what it shows; there are no recorded incidents of events with it at the time. SOLAR BATTERY TENDERS are also excellent innovations for this automatics. So with fabulous reviews & results from customers, what is the.1 lost? Most clients suggest that the separation capability of charging GEL and AGM batteries should come together in one product. While others are confused with the quick plugs & small alligator clamps that don’t make a MOTORCYCLE BATTERY CHARGER moderately hard to work in an own car. With that being said, in sequence to use the battery tender, they have to buy separate wires and make a workaround for the clips which they find pretty inconvenient.

In general, consequently, the battery tender is considered as a great investment if you have vehicles. They also say that this charger is definitely worth it. The most significant factor that you should never forget is to purchase only a genuine battery tender. Copies may have a poor quality that may make accidents & may not give you with guarantees that natural products have. Furthermore, conventional usage of this product enables you to make the maximum out of it.

What makes a battery tender ‘intelligent’?

What makes a battery tender 'intelligent'
What makes a battery tender ‘intelligent’

It has internal sensors & intelligent microprocessor controlled circuitry, which allows it to continually check & adapt to a battery’s level of charge.

Unlike BEST TRICKLE CHARGERS, which should a reputation for ‘frying’ batteries, it can make a series of functions based on the level of charge which guarantee that there is no injury caused to your car battery. Whereas BATTERY TRICKLE CHARGERS are called to over-charge & cause battery ‘boil out’, the sensors in a BATTERY TENDER will actively control the condition & charge level of your car battery using a range of modes to excellent suit the position.

4 Modes: What is a battery tender mode?

A ‘mode’ only indicates to a pre-defined collection of settings that satisfy the current condition. There are 4 basic modes that a BATTERY TENDER uses:


1.     Initialization Mode – Battery Tender

Upon attaching it, it will attend a series of tests to ensure the best battery is functioning normally & detect the current level of charge.

2.     Bulk Charge Mode – Battery Tender

If the car battery is below a particular level of charge, it will begin bulk charge mode, giving its complete charge at a fixed rate.

3.     Absorption Mode – Battery Tender

Once a particular level is touched, the battery tender will begin absorption mode, leaving the amps to a below level for a decided period of the season or until the maximum voltage level has been entered.

4.     Float/Maintenance Mode – Battery Tender

Once the best battery has entered a maximum charge level the battery tender will turn into what is generally known as ‘float’ mode, continuously controlling & maintaining the voltage at sufficient charge for as high as it is attached.

How to use a Battery Tender

How to use a Battery Tender
How to use a Battery Tender

The Battery Tender is a trickle battery charger that has earned a reputation between many autos, boat, & motorcycle owners being the reliable on the business. Deltran, the producer of the Battery Tender series of goods, is well considered of among auto & motorcycle manufacturers more. They are the real factory authorized operator of both Harley-Davidson & BMW battery chargers. Deltran suggests a specific method of using the Battery Tender.

Fixed up the AC & DC power cables for the Best Battery Tender so that they will not become caught in each moving components of the best vehicle.


Check whether the best vehicle has a positive or negative area system. Positive spot systems have the positive support for the battery attached to the best vehicle chassis. A negative spot system has the negative support attached to the best vehicle chassis.


Attach either the positive clamp from the Battery Tender or the ring end to the positive battery support on negative ground rules. Next, attach the negative clamp, or the ring end to the best vehicle’s chassis. The chassis link should be done to the engine block or extra thick metal section of the frame, not lighter metal parts.


Attach the negative clip or the ring end to the negative battery post on positive spot systems. Attach the positive clip or ring end to the best vehicle’s chassis.


Plug in the best AC power plug to an electrical socket. Set the battery charge mode to bulk mode if the car battery is 0 percent to 75 percent, or 80 percent charged. Place the charge mode to absorption mode if the battery is 75 percent to 100 percent. Set the charge mode to the storage/float maintenance mode if the battery is completely charged.

Control the lights on the best Battery Tender. A regular red light shows that the best Battery Tender is attached properly & charging is taking a position. A flashing green light shows that the battery is over 80 percent charged, while a constant green light will make you remember that your car battery is fully charged.

Advantages: Why you should use a battery tender

Why you should use a battery tender
Why you should use a battery tender

The advantages of using it are plentiful & reach far beyond only taking charge of a battery. From minimum power usage, visual charging indicators & lightweight construction, a compact, there are many reasons why these are the perfect choice if it occurs to charging.

Most importantly, staying able to ‘set it & forget it’ unlike TRICKLE CHARGERS suggests you can give your battery attached to the tender for months or even years, secure in the information that your vehicle’s energy source is doing looked after & will assist you greatly for years to develop. The higher are some really important details that answer is what is a battery tender.

Trickle chargers vs. battery tenders: what’s the difference?

Is a trickle charger yet the best method to stop the battery from dying & resulting problems with the alarm system, computer, etc.? – (Gerry, Cobourg, Ont)


A TRICKLE CHARGER never was the “best method” but thankfully latest generation of “BATTERY TENDERS” is on the store, which does the work nicely.

  • The difference between a trickle charger & a battery tender is that a trickle charger regularly applies a charge, but the battery is completely charged or not. A battery tender, on the opposite hand, has circuitry that controls the battery & charges only if the voltage has decreased below a preset level, so stopping overcharging & damage.
  • If it senses the voltage has fallen, a battery tender will continue charging. Because of this a battery tender can be left attached generally. A trickle charger, on the opposite hand, because it stops using a charge, should be detached and reconnected infrequently, probably done for charging once or twice a 1 month for a day.

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