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HOW TO USE POWER BANK FOR THE FIRST TIME. It is a most important question when you buying a new POWER BANK for your electronic gadgets. Power banks are growing popular these dates as our devices or tools were all becoming smarter and handy gadgets in our regular lives particularly for various sorts of communications like as SMS, calls, emails & another task & these intelligent gadgets (Tablets and Smartphones) requires more energy for them to operate & last for a time as they must be. Usually, the things that demand a backup energy are the mobile phones and tablets these dates. Maximum of us personally own 1.But not every people acknowledged HOW TO USE POWER BANK FOR THE FIRST TIME literally. Some retailers just don’t describe HOW TO USE POWER BANK FOR THE FIRST TIME. Many people only end up taking the wrong specs of POWER BANK CHARGER that satisfies the requirements of their gadgets. That’s the cause I performed this & compiled some details gathered from various manufacturers & blogs site, & made it into 1 POWERBANKONLINE that may serve few DIY’ers who intended to make their personal POWER BANK CHARGER or simply get the top one.

How to use POWER BANK for the first time

How to use POWER BANK for the first times
How to use POWER BANK for the first times

Today’s Modern gadgets consume a much of power as their loss is very high & they have enhanced our necessity. Thus increasingly busy lives mean a deceased battery can leave you detached from life, work, and your daily routine. POWER BANK PORTABLE CHARGER & MOBILE POWER BANK will keep you from getting stuck when you’re on the go and without a suitable charging source. They are excellent for charging your smartphones & similar devices anywhere you are while you get yourself below on power.

Thus it becomes very basic for us to keep our electrical & electronic devices in good condition, it’s essential to treat them with respect and care to make sure they prolong to work properly & safely. With this in mind, we recommend you to study about some general Dos & Don’ts:

Do use the POWER BANK only for its planned use. E.g. to recharge your BEST MOBILE SMARTPHONES or another BEST USB POWERED MOBILE gadgets.








Get sure to have your gadgets out from any heat sources and liquids – direct daylight, moisture or water.

Never keep your connecting cables provided with the iPhone BATTERY BANK & your mobile device.

Put an eye on your children using battery packs.

Have your devices from extreme temperatures of hot or cold.  For example, never left your portable devices on a parked car where it strength gets very cold in winter or hot in summer.

Never keep your battery on excess charge when not in use also never charge whole night as its battery slowly and steadily diminish.

Don’t layup battery packs where they may short-circuit by conductive material – such as in your pocket or bag with coins or keys.

Don’t drop or roughly handle BATTERY PACKS. They are healthful but not long-lasting.

Never surface when charging & charge whenever it required.

Don’t fill BATTERY PACKS late-night or whilst you are outside of the apartment. Most POWER BANK PORTABLE CHARGER does not maintain charging & discharging meantime.

Don’t take to bits or effort to fix damaged POWER BANK CHARGER. If you believe there is leakage, make assured it doesn’t let the liquid to come into touch with the skin or eyes. If in the unfortunate case it happens, make assured to wash the damaged area with water and look for medical information.

Charge The Power Bank:

Charge the Power Bank
Charge the Power Bank

Yes, 1st of all later buying a POWER BANK PORTABLE CHARGER, the 1, & only job is to fill the SMART POWER BANK correctly before using it. You can watch the instructions here to load your SLIM POWER BANK for the first time. It is useful to fill your device 1ten percent higher than the term given here.

Various CELL PHONE POWER BANK has several capacities & they require to be filled for the various time. Normally, the XTREME POWER BANK need 1st charging rates as follows:

500 mAh- 1000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 1.0 hour

1500 mAh- 2000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 2.5 hours

2500 mAh- 3000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 3.0 hours

3500 mAh- 4000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 4.0 hours

4500 mAh- 5000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 5.0 hours

5500 mAh- 6000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 6.0 hours

6500 mAh- 7000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 7.0 hours

7500 mAh- 8000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 8.0 hours

8500 mAh- 9000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 9.0 hours

9500 mAh- 10000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 10 hours

10500 mAh- 11000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 11 hours

11500 mAh- 12000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 12 hours

12500 mAh- 13000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 13 hours

13500 mAh- 14000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 14 hours

14500 mAh- 15000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 15 hours

15500 mAh- 16000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 16 hours

16500 mAh- 17000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 17 hours

17500 mAh- 18000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 18 hours

18500 mAh- 19000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 19 hours

19500 mAh-20000 mAh bank’s charging duration: 20 hours

20500 mAh- above bank’s charging duration: 24 hours

The charging period can be changing. Please get sure that you should carefully study the guidebook. But always fill a little bit higher than the period mentioned in the textbook. You may charge 1ten percent longer.

How to identify Power Bank is Sufficiently Charged?

Cell Phone Power Bank is Sufficiently Charged
Cell Phone Power Bank is Sufficiently Charged

The POWER BANK is so essential to us while we are being in an environment of mobile electronics. It approves us to go freely & charge your devices everywhere. There’s no uncertainty that we require to fill our POWER BANK CHARGER when power is running escape. However, not just said by the supplier still also indicated on the standard brochure obviously — don’t overburden your POWERBANK.

According to the Guidebook, it will be manageable enough, only require to verify the indicator. Maximum POWER BANKS have a made-in 4 LED lights sign. The LED torch flashes once the energy is connected & all 4 LED lights visit on when the battery is completely charged.

3 steps to identify POWER BANK is entirely charged if the indicator is not running?

Power bank is charged when indicator is damage
Power bank is charged when indicator is damage

With a faulty indicator, for example, no flash at all or cannot prevent blinking, you strength get upset to know whether the BEST POWER BANK CHARGER is completely charged or not. Here are few vital details to follow:

  1. Discover the manual book of your BEST POWER BANK CHARGER or download 1 from the official site to verify how many times are required to completely charge your gadget. Utilize your SMART POWER BANK up to approximately 0% juice gone, as the sign is not running you require connecting the SMART POWER BANK to each compatible gadget to judge if there’s some power left.
  2. Attach your SMART POWER BANK to a suitable charger–frequently, maximum PHONE POWER BANK requires 5V 2A input so the identical charger would be the excellent choice to fill them. Avoid filling with PC USB PORT. Several charging methods perhaps result in much charging season, filling with the quick charger will be quicker than charging by PC USB PORT.

    Attach smart Power Bank 20000mah with charger
    Attach smart Power Bank 20000mah with charger
  3. When the required charging rate is up, detach the charger & apply any fit device to your MOBILE POWER BANK & examine whether the POWER BANK 20000mah was filled. If it operates flatly, the rechargeable period is alright, though, the sign is gone, and we cannot get sure your SLIM POWER BANK is fully loaded, at least it’s surely not overburdened for the security matter. If it’s not going at all, the SMART POWER BANK is similar to be broken, you require to talk the customer assistance center to repair it or get a new 1.

2 Negative impacts of overcharging your SMART POWER BANK:

  1. Perhaps shorten the lifetime of your SLIM POWER BANK. Overcharging will produce overheating, at an ordinary heat of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, for instance, a lithium-ion BEST BATTERY PACK will waste 6% of its highest capacity through a year. At 77 degrees, that figure jumps to 20%, & at 104 degrees it’s a huge 35.


  1. If the POWER BANK PORTABLE CHARGER is not following power assurance which assures that the battery prevents charging once it has arrived full range, overcharging will be very dangerous, it strength explodes in a truly bad way.
overcharging your SMART POWER BANK
overcharging your SMART POWER BANK

How long to charge POWER BANK for the first time

How long to charge POWER BANK for the first time
How long to charge POWER BANK for the first time

Essentially, when we purchase a mobile, we would carelessly question that How to use POWER BANK for the first time?

Besides, when buying a SMART POWER BANK CHARGER, we would question ourselves the related question.

So, how long to charge power bank for the first time?

Similarly, as the mobile’s battery, the best battery of PHONE POWER BANK requires being charged a little longer before the 1st time using.

Using EasyAcc’s PHONE POWER BANKS, for instance, they are entirely made of the Li-Ion best battery. Nothing difficult, when charging the POWERBANK PHONE CHARGER, we could apply to the made-in LED signs.

Or EasyAcc Monster POWER BANK 20000mAh Smart Power Bank, it has FOUR LED indicators, therefore each 1 is for 25 percent power on normal. Is that whole of credit when all four symbols are on?

When talking with EasyAcc POWER BANK product administrators & engineers, it’s not that sort of situation.

Really, when 4 indicators are on, there’s just 95% energy. Why?

when 4 indicator are on, there’s just 95% energy
when 4 indicators are on, there’s just 95% energy

First & foremost, that’s because several battery cells hold different sizes, also in the related CELL PHONE POWER BANK, which is from the time of product configuration. And it intends to fully get an advantage of the best battery, which, possibly, will suggest you when beginning the car, you must preheat it.

When, to some measure, it’s for valid charging experience. While larger capacity best battery for extended charging time, so the former symbol will take extra time to spark up; the recent 1 or the last 1 will cost limited time. So you will locate the POWER BANK looks to be filled up faster & faster.

Probably, most SLIM POWER BANKS will take FIVE PERCENT longer periods for recharging up for the 1st time. But that really does not involve. Easy charging. Simple charging.

Certainly, there is the different factor, that is, the input. Usually, most BEST POWER BANKS is designated with 1 input in one amp. But if for POWER BANK 20000mAh, it’s another. It will have 2 inputs & both of them are for two amps, becoming the recharging rate up to fifty percent.


All in all, that’s case by case. Whatever charging problems you’ve met, comment below, and we offer your solutions.

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