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How to open the back of a watch

There are several reasons that you might desire to open the back of a watch and a type of watch tools that can be applied. If you require to change a watch battery or watch Battery Replacement gasket, arrange the hands & remove dust, or fully replace a watch movement you will ask to open the back of a watch to do the work. There are various types of remove watch backs that can be presented in a sort of mechanical systems that sometimes are so easy & can be arranged with very weak effort & others that demand a particular remove watch back opener, Watch Case Opener that is few times best made by the person with experience or training in watch repair kit.

Before you open a watch Case or Watch Back, make yourself a thoughtful note; is that a very costly watch? If the result is yes, be extremely careful in attempting to open a Watch back. Even inexpensive watches can few times be very tough to open & can be quickly damaged. Always review if the band clasp will go in your direction when you decide to open a watch case: any metal bands give it difficult to operate in the back because they are hard and don’t leave much room for your hands to work. If you require removing the watch band to reach the watch case, review out this post on watch band replacement or watch band repair, Watch Repair tools, Watch Repair Kit.

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4 Steps: How to open the back of a watch

4 Steps - How to open the back of a watch
4 Steps – How to open the back of a watch

POWERBANK-ONLINE recommends following 3 steps to open the Back of a Watch that is followed below:

Step 1: Unscrew the screws from the back of your watch. There must be little screws on the backside of a watch. These screws hold the back of a watch. To remove watch back, use a little screwdriver that you would apply for eyeglasses & turn the screws till you can remove them from a watch.

  • Make assured to put the little screws in a secure place, like a zip-lock case, so that you do not miss them.
Unscrew the screws from the back of your watch
Unscrew the screws from the back of your watch

Step 2: Pressure fit watch back or Snap Off watch back will have an entirely smooth back, and it should still be plain and smooth on the back when you’re finished. The second type of watch case back is the pressure type. Many watches with this type have a small dent or notch on the side or between the lugs where you can place your knife.

Sometimes this type of watch back can’t be closed with your hands and you will have to use a watch case press to close it.

Step 3: Remove the back plate of a watch. Once you remove each of the screws from the back of the watch, the back should simply lift up. That will open the watch battery & other internal components in the watch.

Remove the back plate of a watch
Remove the back plate of a watch

Step 4: Rescrew the screws into the back of a watch. Once you replace the watch battery, press the back of the watch case onto the watch & take the little screws that we removed earlier & screw them back into their slots.

Remember: How to open the back of a watch

These 4 types of WATCH CASE BACK are the most famous, but there are several other kinds of watch cases being well and several of these should simply be opened by expert watch-makers or jewelers. Baum Mercier, Rolex, & gold watches every requires special Watch Repair tools and care while opening them & it is helpful if this work & care is transmitted to professionals because they are surely damaged. The best stuff to do while you encounter a costly watch is to drop it to a watchmaker’s care, they have the Watch tools and assistance needed to assure your watch continues undamaged during repair.

Another point to observe out for is for best watches that open from the front: if you see your watch over correctly and cannot view a system to open the back, you may hold to remove the crystal to change the battery or complete your repair. POWERBANK-ONLINE suggest that if you are at full unsure of removing a crystal, you must leave the task to a watchmaker. Maximum of all, we motivate you to have an open mind & use common sense before trying to fix your smartwatch on your personal, if you don’t believe you can do it, don’t be terrified of taking it to a professional.

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