How to Close a Snap Watch back | Watch Back Removal Tools and Tips 2018-2020-USA

How to Close a Watch back? Now you should your watch open & have made the constant WATCH REPAIR KIT or watch back removal tool – how do you get sure that you securely close a watch back again? Total while avoiding breaking the watch while closing it, & ensuring that you become a good tight & even waterproof tape? In this article, we will inform you only HOW TO CLOSE A WATCH BACK or what you need to do to close different types of a snap-back watch.


Just like we told about opening watch cases, while at any location you are at full unsure of what thing you require to do to close a watch back case, you should move the product to a watchmaker. Maximum of all, we help you to have an open mind & use common knowledge before attempting to set a watch on your person if you don’t believe you can make it, don’t be nervous of getting it to a watchmaker.

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How to Close a Watch back

How to Close a Watch Back in different types
How to Close a Watch Back in different types

The shape of a wristwatch, known as the WATCH CASE, houses its weak internal workings & the framing of a watch face. To cover the tiny & crucial parts inside, the watch case is secured closed using a kind of watch back types, which secure the snap watch back will not run inadvertently or accidentally. Each kind of watch back, like a snap watch back, has its private method of remove watch back and decent way of close a watch back. By closing your Snap watch perfectly, you assure safe administration of your watch while dodging any potential losses to the operations.

Watch Back Removal Tool that you need

  • Snap back watch case tool
  • Snap back watch adapters


How to Close a Watch back

How to Close a Snap watch back
How to Close a Snap watch back

Choose an adapter from your watch case tool or WATCH REMOVAL TOOL that is only slightly tinier than the back of your watch. You can check the back of the watch up to each of the adapters until you decide the one that is the right size for your watch. Push the chosen adapter into an upper jaw of a tool until it locks into place.


Place the lower bar onto the bottom jaw of the watch removal tool & pick out a provider ring. The ring necessity is large just to rest on the face of a watch throughout the outer ends, but not large quite to slip throughout the watch face. Hang the plastic ring onto the watch plate in the lower jaw of the watch removal tool to generate a support for the face of the watch while setting.

Lay your watch in the watch case tool with the open back facing upward. Put the watch face fairly on the head of a plastic ring in the lower jaw, by the straps lying flat on each side of a watch.


Order the gasket inside a watch case because it was if you open a watch. Make assured it is lying flat & flush inside the snap watch case or the watch back will not re-attach accurately.


Find the little marking on the interior rim of a watch back & match it up with the related mark on the interior of a watch case. Set the watch back on top of the watch by the marks equaling up. Make assured the exterior surface of the watch back is allowing upward.


Apply force to the case tool holder until the jaw reduces the back into position. You will learn the case snap watch together to understand when to clear the watch back removal tool. Work the tool carefully to avoid corrupting your watch case or performances.

Tips on how to Close a Watch Back

Ask an expert if you open the back of a watch and close a watch once to see a better opinion of how your watch functions & how it should be handled and HOW TO CLOSE A WATCH BACK.


Do not touch each of the internal components of a watch with naked hands. The essential oils in your skin can create the workings to malfunction or jam.

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