How to Change a Fossil Watch Battery 2018/2020 USA

How to Change a Fossil Watch Battery

Need to know How to Change a Fossil Watch Battery? Possibly you’ve received a notification from the Fossil Q App that allowed you know your battery is running low. Here’s how to make sure you buy the right fossil watch battery replacement for your watch —and that you install it correctly or visit your local Fossil store, where you can take your fossil watch battery changed while you shop. (Click here to see a store near you.)

Before you learn How to Change a Fossil Watch Battery at POWERBANK-ONLINE, find out exactly what kind of battery you have. If you’re having your battery replaced in a Fossil store or Amazon Store, call ahead to ensure that your battery is in stock, as battery types and availability may vary by Amazon store. With a Fossil hybrid watch, you can easily check by opening this Link Best fossil watch battery and you’ll see your battery type.

Fossil hybrid smart watches are compatible with any CR2430 coin cell battery, which allows them to hold a charge for four to six months. Swapping in a new coin cell lithium battery can be done easily and in just a few simple steps, and CR2430 batteries are available from most retailers that sell batteries. And while we always recommend visiting the nearest Amazon store to have your Fossil Watch battery replaced by a pro to avoid damaging your watch’s internal movement in the process, we know many do-it-yourselfers want to try it at home.

How to Change a Fossil Watch Battery

How to Change a Fossil-Watch-Battery
How to Change a Fossil-Watch-Battery

Fossil is a famous brand of apparel and clothing, produced by Fossil, Inc. The organization, which dates back to 1984, has a wide range of designer watches that give quality and style at a cheap price. Fossil, Inc. gives a fossil watch battery replacement service for if batteries run out, however, this includes sending the watch continuously. Fossil watch buyers also have the choice to take the watch to a trained jeweler. Another alternative, for people with a calm hand & a few necessary tools, is to replace or change the fossil watch battery at hometown.


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How to Change a Fossil Watch Battery

Before Replacing the Fossil Watch Battery

Before change a Fossil watch battery, it is essential to know that there are effects for doing so. Initial of all, opening a Fossil watch invalidates any guarantee, which is a difficulty if the method causes some loss. Additionally, as said on the official Fossil website, Fossil watches are pressure sealed. This stops dust particles & water from going to the watch devices. Removing the back of the watch breaks the pressure seal. This is especially important to see for water-resistant designs, as breaking the seal indicates the watch usually loses its water resistance.

Gathering the Watch Battery Replacement Tools

If someone is decided to go ahead with the fossil watch battery replacement at hometown, it is a great idea to spend with the individual tools. These are comparatively inexpensive also make the process easier and quicker.

Tools and PartsNotes
New batteryCheck watch guide for battery model

Forever use the right sort of battery
Plastic malletA tiny mallet for tapping watch pins

Only needed for watches with metal straps
Pin removerFor removing watch pins

Only needed for watches with metal straps
Watch wrenchFor removing the watch back plate

Only needed for screwed watch back plates
Jeweler's screwdriversFor removing the Watch battery

It is really possible to change a Fossil watch battery with only some jeweler’s screwdrivers. But, having the right equipment reduces the risk of breaking the watch.

Preparing a Work Area

Replacing the watch battery includes opening up the watch & exposing the interiors to dust. It is a great idea to get a dry, clean area, wherever there is a limited risk of debris and dirt getting into the tools. Good brightness is necessary when managing small parts, such as wristband pins, & putting a soft cloth on the work surface serves to reduce the chance of damaging the watch. A tiny pin tray or pot cover is useful for assuring no parts roll away or become lost through the process.

How to Change a Fossil Watch Battery

How to Change or replace a Fossil Watch-Battery
How to Change or replace a Fossil Watch-Battery

Replacing a battery is nearly straightforward; but, the process is also complex on fossil watches with metal straps. That is because metal straps are constant loops, producing it harder to reach the back of the watch.

Open the Links

The 1st step while replacing the fossil battery in a watch with a metal wristband is removing 1 of the link pins. The real way to solve this is to use a pin remover tool. Put the watch in the clip remover, & then push out 1 pin. It is essential not to forget the pin, therefore keep it someplace safe. Once the pin is out, it is obvious to reach the back of the watch.

Remove the Back Plate

How to remove the back plate based on the type of watch. Any fossil watches have a screwed back plate, while others have backplates that clip into place. The comfortable way to remove a screwed plate is with a watch wrench, although it is possible to twist off the plate with 2 jeweler’s screwdrivers instead.

If the back plate clips into the watch rather than screwing into place, no professional tools are needed. Simply use some flat, thin gadget to lift the plate. Under, there is normally a plastic seal that lifts out.

Replace the Battery

Replace the Battery
Replace the Battery

The battery suits snugly, & it may need levering with a jeweler’s screwdriver or similar sharp object. After removing the old battery, inject the new fossil watch battery. Assure that the battery is handling the right move up & is in place perfectly.


Having replaced the battery, the last item to do is reassemble the watch. Include the plastic ring, & then re-attach the back plate each by pushing it firmly in position or screwing it down with a watch wrench, rely on the variety. Finally, insert the pin into the watch strap, tapping it lightly with a plastic mallet.

Increase the Life of Fossil Watch Battery

To increase the life of your hybrid smartwatch—and to avoid figuring out how to change a fossil watch battery for just a little bit longer—you can reduce the number of people or apps that deliver notifications from your smartphone to your hybrid watch through vibrations. You can also turn off notifications altogether, and if your watch model supports alarm functionality, consider turning off your alarm to save even more battery life.

If your fossil watch battery gets too low to deliver notifications from your smartphone by haptic vibrations, all of your watch’s hands will point to the 6 position. You will be notified in the Fossil Q App that vibration will no longer work until the battery is replaced—which means it’s time for you to learn HOW TO CHANGE A FOSSIL WATCH BATTERY! After you change the battery and dismiss the notification, your hybrid watch will go back to telling time and keeping you connected to your smartphone.


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